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Michael J. Fox

At The Global Exchange Conference 2024

Join us in Orlando for a live and exclusive conversation with Michael J. Fox. This incredible moment promises to tell a story of personal and professional triumphs and challenges, a profound illustration of resilience in the face of unstoppable challenges.

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Despite physical challenges and interrupting mental health struggles, Michael's remarkable ability as an agent of change, his love for family life, and his infectious humor overshadow his adversities.

He is the author of his own story, acknowledging Parkinson’s presence, while refusing to let it dictate his narrative. His life experience has created an expert change maker; turning illness into challenge, regrets into incentives, and loss into change.

Though depression has touched him, Michael's sincerity in maintaining positivity shines through. Despite living with Parkinson’s for over 30 years, he remains resolute in finding ways to stay positive, acknowledging the sincerity and hard-fought nature of his optimism.

In the documentary 'STILL' by Davis Guggenheim, the depth of Michael's daily struggles and highs are thoughtfully and humorously revealed, alongside the remarkable support from his family and passionate professionals. Their unity and desire exemplify the transformative power of collective motivation in supporting Michaels positive life.

As professional care workers, we honor your aspirations to witness and experience such magic, yet we acknowledge the times of grief, loss, and the need for support. Our hope is that Michael's presence on October 8 will unite us in sharing compassion, humor, and most importantly JOY, demonstrating that even in adversity, positivity prevails when we rewrite our narratives.

Join Us in Orlando

Fox’s work has illuminated the world for decades — from his time as a beloved actor to his outstanding advocacy and leadership. Experience the power of his presence firsthand in Orlando, and help us honor his continuing legacy. The once-in-a-lifetime special honorary event is included exclusively as part of your Global Exchange Conference registration. Register now for special Early Bird Rates!