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October 6-9, 2024 Lake Buena Vista, FL

Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort

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global exchange conference florida

GXC 2024

The Global Exchange Conference is a not-for-profit, international conference dedicated to empowering professionals to elevate their knowledge regarding therapeutic practices, treatment models, and the latest mental health, addiction, and holistic wellness innovations.

To that end, GXC takes pride in hosting the most respected and in-demand speakers and thought leaders, all of whom present the most cutting-edge research and relevant topics in our focused tracks and fields.

GXC by the numbers








CEs / CMEs



World-Renowned Speakers

GXC is proud to have hosted the world’s greatest change-makers, thought leaders, and visionaries. Stay tuned for the 2024 lineup!
CE and CMEs global exchange conference
Alanis Morissette
speaker line up global exchange conference

Dr. Kristin Neff

world renowned speakers global exchange
Bessel van der Kolk
2024 global exchange conference

Dr. Richard Schwartz

worlds largest mental health and addiction conference
Jay Shetty
2024 speaker line up global exchange

Deepak Chopra

thought leaders addiction conference

Rob Lowe

florida mental health addiction conference

Dr. Ramani Durvasula

demi lovato global exchange conference
Demi Lovato
addiction conferences 2024

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

2024 speakers global exchange conference

Gabor Mate

addiction and mental health conferences 2024

Dr. Dan Siegel

mental health addiction conference

See YOU There!

With a vibrant international mix of conference attendees, The Global Exchange Conference is a truly global hub of inspiration, education, and networking — one that creates endless ripple effects for professionals and their clients nationwide. Our attendees reflect the dynamic diversity of our industry: from admissions to leadership, veterans to newbies, and everything in between. Join us!

Opportunities for Partnership

The Global Exchange Conference is proud to partner with leading organizations in addiction, mental health, and wellness. Contact us to learn more about 2024 opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors.

the global exchange conference 2024 florida



We are now accepting businesses to register to be a part of our Exhibit Hall and Wellness Hall! Please see below for more information.

Presenting Sponsor

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Gold Sponsors

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Bronze Sponsors

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